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Web Accessability

As I have read more and more about this ADA, American Disabilities Act, which have lawsuits around because this site and/or that site don’t follow protocol is something that is very upsetting. What next will they put in as a rule for individuals like me; going into the Web Design field? There are more individuals diagnosed with disabilities here and there and this will make them fall under this “lawsuit” if we do not follow the guidelines they set forth.

Does that mean that Hospital sites are going to be sued because they didn’t put their entire site information into a language that someone with a learning disability could comprehend? Does this also mean that sites that offer information about the law be considered the same deal, with someone that has a learning disability can’t understand the langauge?

Learning disability affects a lot of individuals in a lot of ways:

  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Non-verbal Learning Disorder
  • Auditory Processing Disorder

While we are supposed to use the POUR Accessibility Principles:

  • P = Perceivable
  • O = Operable
  • U = Understandable
  • R = Robust

Who defines what should be considered understandable when it’s an individual basis that defines it?

Here is a site to get more information about different disabilities:

Here is a site that discusses more in-depth about POUR:

Here is also a site that discusses the ADA aspect of the correct usage one should do when designing a website:

Here are some benefits though if you are in Compliance of the law:

Everyone can read it
Viewable by any Internet browser
Viewable by any computerized system
Viewable by foriegn language-enabled computers
Viewable by different types of hardware and software media (cell phones, handheld computers, Web Tv, etc.
Avoid lawsuits from non-compliance
Search engines adore your pages
Faster page loading times
Greater odds of visitor return
Easier to update, repair, and change in the future

Lorelle VanFossen Benefits of Compliance with Web Standards

Looks like the list of companies that were sued were huge multi-million dollar companies, here are a few:

Soutwest Airlines

Lorelle VanFossen Basic Facts and Resources You need To Know About Web Accessibility

Now what would happen to individuals that want to use a site like to make a website or forum, would those individuals be sued? Since they are low on the totem pole, do they get overlooked?

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