How to Change a Child Theme with InstantWordPress

First thing you want to do is get the InstantWordPress program and put it onto your portable hard-drive, 8-GB (Gigabytes) to a Terabyte.
Once you do that you will need to start it up and run the program to download it to your specific location.

Now open the program and you will see this image:

Instand Word Press Menu with Options in blue buttons

Now you will see a Local WordPress URL:, next that a box with an address, and a box with Copy WordPress URL Clipboard. Put the word login after the / and go to Firefox and put it in the address bar and you will see a login screen for WordPress. Type ADMIN for user-id and type Password for the password.

Once you are on the site and you can see your WordPress blog, go to Appearance and update the WordPress theme Twenty Eleven. After that updates you will want to put in the Child Theme by putting it in the Theme Folder of the Instant WordPress Menu and going to the site and you will see the Theme under Appearance>Themes.

Once you have done that, now it’s time to go to the Editor in the Administration Panel,
Changing the code in Editor for the Child Theme
List of folders with dates, time and type of document
David Tenant picture with words to right

I Changed the:

  • Name
  • Autor Name
  • Font
  • Size of Font
  • If it’s a Serif or Sans-Serif

It’s now:

  • Comic Sans and Serif
  • Font Color Green
  • Font Size to 25px

How to upload your WordPress site is to first go to your blog and go to your Administration Panel and go to Tools>Export>Export and keep the the All Content circle filled and click on the Download Export File. Export Options
The picture below is the example of the file you will need to import into the Instant WordPress site.
XML Document to Export
Here is how you would Import the file into the Instant WordPress siteImport Options with choices .
You would go to Tools>Import>Express , then you will need to search for were the .XML document is and click Upload File and Import.

Here is what I ended up with as my end result.
Site with postings and headers of those postings in green font

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