Three Videos of Interest

This is about the new part of the The Hobbit book that they put into a movie. It is the prequel to the The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It has some new characters being introduced and some older characters from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. My favorite is Gandalf, like many others out there.

This is the trailer for the new Wonder Woman movie that of course was brought to use by Linda Carter during 1975 – 1979, which it was originally a comic book series. Although during 1967 they tried to attempt to do it with the show, Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince?.

This is a video of the animated television show called Marvin the Martian. This the opening theme of the show.


Three Pictures of Interest


Plate with a burger and fries. Ontop of the burger is three onion rings and a knife is also on the plate.

Promotion for the movie “Lord of the Rings”

I believe it was Denny’s in Portland, one night my sister and I; along with my niece and a neighbor went there to have food because we heard about a promotion they were doing for the movie “Lord of the Rings”. Once we got there and realized in fact they truly were doing one, I ended up ordering the “Ring Burger”. As you can see by the picture, it’s a cheeseburger with bacon resting between a special type bun and on top three onion rings. That alone was good and I believed that the fries didn’t need to come with it, because I ended up not eating any of them.

Game character standing in a snowing enviroment with a colorful outfit and a flaming torch behind him.

My character from a game called 9Dragons.

This is my character on a game called 9Dragons from the Publisher Games Campus. I am also a moderator on this games forum. This is also my main character and he is around level 120-150, can’t really tell for sure. Now my character is over level two hundred.

Guy standing on stage with mohawk playing the guitar with drums and tents in view.

Guitarist of moochknob the local band playing on stage during Couvapalooza 

This was taken during an event that I was able to take part in from a previous class at Clark College, Video Web Production. I took video of a organization that wants to save music in the schools around Vancouver, Washington called Couvapalooza. This is the lead guitarist from the local band (Portland, Oregon area) called Smoochknob.