9Dragons Information

Quick Overview 

9Dragons is a Martial Arts Role Playing game and you can find it here,

9Dragons Homepage .

You will have to decide on either one of two sides, Black Clan or White Clan.

Black Clan

  • Heavenly Demon
    •  Sabers and Gloves
  • Brotherhood of Thieves
    • Spears and Axes
  • Sacred Flowers
    • Daggers and Wheels

White Clan

  • Wu Tang
    •  Sword and Gloves
  • League of Beggars
    • Staff and Gloves
  • Shaolin
    •  Spade and Gloves

(All clans can use the Bracers, if they pick a long ranged role)

Before you can actually decide on one of these clans to join, you will start out in a beginner map were you will learn all the basics. At this time you will also be able to know what they are all about and visit each of there maps. The only exception is that you will only be able to go to Sacred Flower if you have started out with a female character and same goes for Shaolin for the males, and you will still be able to go to the other clan maps (5 in total). Once you decide on which side to go to, Black or White Clan, then it will narrow down to only three maps for males on the white side and three maps for females on the black side.

Once you do decide on a clan then you can do the Road to Dragon quest within the clan to progress further. Once you reach a level, Opening Chi:1/Level 25, then you will be able to visit the clan headmaster, which is a NPC (Non Playable Character) after you do a quest for him/her then you are able to pick a role within the clan.


  • Warrior is self explanatory, close combat role and good for being a tank on dungeon runs.
  • Healer has the ability to be able to buff and heal individuals within a party during grinding or dungeon runs. They also have the ability to take away external wounds, revive you after dying, and replenish your health and vital energy.
  • Nukers are considered both the weakest and the strongest role. Weak because of not having enough protection which makes them a long-ranged role. However there lack of defense, they have powerful spells to make up for it. They are a good choice for many people for the PVP (Player vs Player) aspect of the game.
  • Hybrids are the role that in compass’s  the three other roles by having the ability to heal and buff, nuke, and tank. Which makes this the best role for beginners to start out with.

Click on the link above and get started on your adventure into the wonderful world of 9Dragons. One last thing before you venture onward, there are two servers to choose from.



PVP = which stands for Player Verses Player, were you are able to attack and kill other players once you have hit Raising Light/Level 50 and entered the map associated with that level.


PVE = which stands for Player Verses Environment, were you are able to attack and kill the mobs within the game. However, even though this server is PVE it does have 1 map that is associated with the PVP aspect like the PVP server. They also added another one, which makes it two that now have the ability to kill players.

See you in game!!