Some Renders I like

aion-sigtutorialsThis is a character from a game called, “Aion”. I like the look and I may end up using it to do a signature or make a wallpaper soon. predator-SigTutorialsI hope you can recognize this one,which it’s the main alien in the movie Predator. My favorite one is the first one with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The second one to me wasn’t all that good. I liked the Alien vs Predator though, it was funny. I will also make this into a wallpaper.

thumbs_cactuar-sigtutorialsThis is the famous Cactus from a popular game called, “Final Fantasy”. It was the first Role Playing Game I have ever played and got me hooked into the Fantasy world and Dungeons and Dragons. In Final Fantasy 13-2 it has gigantic ones in various colors. One of the harder enemies to kill that’s for sure.

All the pictures(/renders) are from a site called, sigtutorials,  and the person that posted these renders is JaspervD. Some of them have watermarks with the user that is on the site, which created the picture or cropped out of a stock photo. .